How to Calculate Gas Mileage

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The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as it is more commonly known performs tests to determine the rate of new vehicles’ fuel efficiency, and readily makes these figures available online. There are a lot of things that go into determining the ratings, and the disclaimers for them will note that actual mileage may vary. 

If you simply want to calculate your actual gas mileage when you are driving on Bartow and Winter Haven roads, or if you think your vehicle may be suffering from a reduction in gas mileage, then the team at Buick Lakeland is here to help you learn. Don’t hesitate to contact us at any time, and we can provide you with additional assistance!

Gas Mileage: What is Good?

There is no set and stone standard for what is determined to be “good” gas mileage. If you are in the process of shopping for an SUV, for instance, you will be getting a gas mileage rating that, while good, will still be lower than the gas mileage in a compact car. You’ll find the same to be true for comparing compact gas-powered cars to vehicles with gasoline-electric hybrids; in almost every case, a hybrid vehicle will be more efficient.

If you are purchasing or leasing a new vehicle it’s crucial that you keep in mind your ideal gas mileage, and when you are researching new vehicles or used vehicles focus on the vehicles that offer the mileage you are looking for!

Gas Mileage Calculator

It’s very easy to calculate gas mileage in your vehicle, and here’s what you have to do:

  1. First, fill your gas tank. Then reset your trip odometer or record the exact mileage your vehicle was at after refilling. Be sure you figure out how much gas fits in your tank when you check your vehicle’s owner’s manual.
  2. Drive the way you do typically. Be sure to note, if you accelerate briskly or slowly or you drive differently, your calculated gas mileage will be different from what you record.
  3. Then, you will want to refill your tank and record the mileage. If you take time to refill, your calculation will be the most accurate as it will include a balanced mix of driving conditions.
  4. You can calculate your gas mileage by dividing the number of miles traveled by the number of gallons of gas it took to refill your car. Simply, it’s the miles driven divided by gallons of gas used.
  5. If you forgot to check how many gallons you filled up your car, just go from where your tank was when you refilled ( ¼, ½, or ¾). Then divide the total tank capacity accordingly to determine the number of gallons refilled. From there, you can divide miles driven by the approximation. This may be less accurate though. The gas gauge in some cars is not always accurate. On the other hand, a digital gas gauge that shows you exactly how many gallons of gas are in the tank can help you accurately estimate the mileage.

Maximize Your Gas Mileage in Lakeland

Now that you know how to use this simple gas mileage calculation equation to figure out two ways to calculate gas mileage, we can help you learn more about maximizing the gas mileage of your vehicle while driving around Brandon. If you feel like your vehicle may not be getting the maximum in terms of mileage, then it may be time to schedule service online with Buick Lakeland and let our team make sure that your vehicle is up-to-date on all of its maintenance needs.


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