How Often Should You Change the Oil in Your Buick?

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You’re likely aware that your vehicle needs regular Buick oil changes as you drive around Winter Haven, but you might still have some lingering questions about why they’re necessary and how often you should change the oil. This is because oil breaks down over time and won’t be as effective the more you drive. The main job of engine oil is to lubricate your vehicle’s engine and ensure that it runs smoothly. While oil can certainly break down over time, advancements in engine oil technology have allowed drivers to go much longer in between Buick oil changes. But, how often should you change your oil in a Buick in the first place?

When Should You Get Your Buick Oil Changed?

The typical Buick oil change frequency can range anywhere from 7,500 miles to 10,000 miles. However, this Buick oil change frequency can vary from what’s recommended for your specific vehicle. From driving habits in Bartow to your specific model, you can expect your oil change frequency to be slightly different. We recommend you reference your owner’s manual for a more specific answer to, “How often should you change your oil in a Buick?” In the meantime, learn more about Buick oil change in Lakeland today with the service team at Buick Lakeland! And if you feel like your vehicle may be due for an oil change, then don’t hesitate to schedule service today.

What Affects Your Buick Oil Change Frequency?

We recommend checking your oil at least once a month to ensure that the oil levels are correct. You can also check your oil to ensure that it doesn’t look or smell unusual. If you notice anything abnormal with your oil, we suggest you schedule a service appointment immediately. As we mentioned, your driving habits play a large role in your oil change frequency.

Specifically, heavy usage in Brandon may mean that you’ll have to change your oil much more often. But, what constitutes heavy usage? If you do any of the following with your vehicle, you may need to change your oil more frequently:

  • Track usage & racing
  • Towing & commercial usage
  • Off-roading
  • Constantly in stop & go traffic
  • Short distance driving

Additional Buick Oil Change Information

We’re here to help you keep your vehicle running smoothly in Lakeland. Take a look at some additional Buick oil change in Lakeland information that’ll maximize your vehicle’s performance and efficiency:

  • Oil Type: The two main oil types are synthetic and conventional oil. Be sure to check your owner’s manual to ensure you’re using the recommended oil for your vehicle.
  • Filter: In addition to changing your engine oil, you should also be changing your oil filter as well to ensure your vehicle won’t let you down.
  • Time vs. Miles: While many consider mileage for oil change intervals, you should also be considering time. Oil can break down even when you’re not driving so it’s recommended to replace your oil every six months or so.

Find the Buick Oil Change in Lakeland for Your Vehicle at Buick Lakeland!

Not sure how often to change the oil in your Buick? Get in touch with the service professionals at Buick Lakeland and we’ll be happy to go over the oil change frequency for your specific model! We’re here to help make sure your Buick is going to remain on the road for many years at its peak performance.


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